Payday 2 firestarter

payday 2 firestarter

Mendozaの保管している武器を強奪し、さらにFBIが保管している情報を手に入れ、 資金のありかを突き止めて燃やす。 3Day Jobの中ではそれほど複雑. Build (if I recall): ibcdea:pRws This is. Firestarter - Day 1 - PayDay 2: Firestarter will likely be your first three-day heist. Unlike Framing Frame, Firestarter is more offense-based, and a. payday 2 firestarter


[Payday 2] Firestarter Day 2 (Solo Stealth w/ Max Detection Risk) Because you can't run when carrying the weapons, you'll need to work with your team and coordinate when to. Contents wsop chip counts show ]. Play on Normal difficulty so that there are only three to four boxes to choose from, as opposed to four to. Alternatively, the OVE saw can be used to cut through the doors for faster access. Edit Day 2 Overview You'll be infiltrating an FBI office to steal a server from their computer lab.



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